SOLAS amendments enter into force

SOLAS amendments enter into force

Jul 04 2014


New requirements under SOLAS to require all ships to have plans and procedures to recover persons from the water are among a set of amendments to enter into force on 1st July 2014.

The SOLAS amendments, adopted in 2012, were developed to ensure all ships have the capability to effectively serve as a rescue asset and have the right equipment to be able to rescue persons from the water and from survival craft, in the event of an incident, the IMO said. 

This new requirement is intended to enhance safety at sea and also to provide support to search and rescue co-ordinators in all types of rescue operations and, particularly, in those situations where there is insufficient dedicated search and rescue capacity, or access to helicopters and specialised rescue craft is limited.

Ships constructed before 1st July, 2014 are required to comply with the requirement by the first periodical, or renewal safety equipment survey of the ship to be carried out after 1st July 2014, whichever comes first.

For seafarers, IMO has issued “A Pocket Guide to Recovery Techniques” (IMO I947E).

Also entering into force on 1st July, 2014 was the new SOLAS regulation II-1/3-12, which requires new ships to be constructed to reduce on board noise and to protect personnel from noise, in accordance with the revised code on noise levels on board ships, which sets out mandatory maximum noise level limits for machinery spaces, control rooms, workshops, accommodation and other spaces on board ships.

Amendments to SOLAS regulation II-2/10 on firefighting also entered into force on the same day. These amendments require a minimum of two two-way portable radiotelephone apparatus for each fire party for communications.

The apparatus is to be of an explosion-proof type, or intrinsically safe. Ships constructed before 1st July, 2014 will comply with these requirements not later than the first survey after 1st July, 2018.

Further amendments to regulation II-2/15 on instructions, on board training and drills now require an on board means of recharging breathing apparatus cylinders used during drills, or a suitable number of spare cylinders.

Other amendments to the appendix to the annex to SOLAS replace all forms of certificates and records of equipment, including its 1988 Protocol and further amendments relate to the forms of the Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate and Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate of its 1978 Protocol, the IMO concluded..


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